Villa Hedy doesn't only mean sea-side, but also history, nature, beauty, and food.

It only takes a few kilometres to go back in time and dive into the middle ages with a visit to the ancient towns of Campiglia, Suveretoand Castagneto Carducci, and to reach the Etruscan civilisation (in the archaeological park) of Baratti.

It only takes a moment to be enveloped by the silence of the metal-bearing hills or to be dazzled by the blue sea of the Populoniacliffs, the infinite and prestigious vineyards and by the majestic pine forests; abandon your senses to the scents of nature and give into the attraction of the flavours of anancient land rich in traditions that are still passed on to this day: colourful and tasty vegetable consommés, rich legumes soups and important game roasts, generously enriched by excellent oil and accompanied by refined wines.

I have taken the liberty of suggesting a few itineraries:

  • » THE SEA AND HISTORY TRAIL (by car, motorbike and bike) - see details
  • » THE NATURE AND FOOD TRAIL (by car, motorbike and bike) - see details
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Tramonto davanti a Villa Hedy Scogliera a Baratti La spiaggia di San Vincenzo Baratti in inverno